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California - Free & Easy - with a convertable through the winelands

Discover California your own way - down the road with Vintour. Take a convertable through the film set of "Sideways" near Santa Barbara, along Highway No. 1 to Monterey, Frisco and Napa! Get your exclusive travel tips and special visitation programm in high-end wineries - California at its fines!

Thanks to our experience in the sunny state we have different options prepared for you to chose from. We could send you from Los Angeles to one of the top-wineries in southern directions to the wine region Temecula. Near Santa Barbara County - the known film set of "Sideways" of Alexander Payne - you should spend some more time. A stay at Sonoma's coast is highly recommanded as well as a stay in the relaxing "Vinotherapie" spa in Sonoma Valley or a visit of the local national parcs like Yosemite or Sequoia nationalparc.

Try out our wine bar and restaurant advice. The extensive travel documents we provide you with provides you besides all your flexibility a great variety of restaurants and tasting locations that will turn your Californian Wine Country adventure into a rememberable culinary and tasting experience!

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