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Covid19 - Situation - and how we deal with it

Dear VinTour clients,

just like the travel industry as a whole, we are affected by the Corona Virus pandemia. All our currently booked clients have been informed about the procedures and measures taken to re-book or cancel trips. All payments are safe due to our traveler payment insurance. We are operative and can be reached by email and mostly also per phone. There are currently no tours "off the shelf" as we review all arrangements and plan ahead for the coming seaons.

Yet, we are open for business and will respond to any demand with tailormade groups and FIT offers depending on official travel restrictions from your country or at the destination. You are very welcome to contact us !

Stay safe, healthy and Take Care !

Your VinTour Team


VinTour  – Wine Experiences worldwide

VinTour is a unique tour operator for culinary travel focused on the wonderful world of wine. We are based in Germany, but can serve you with tours all over Europe, and beyond. Dedicated to nothing else but wine & culinary travel, VinTour is your given partner for tours inbound to German wine regions, as well as to neighbouring countries. We cooperate with strong partners in the wine trade and are well educated and connected in the wine business.  Apart from english-guided tours into Germany which are under development, we can at any time create tailormade tour offers on request.

At this stage, our English web portfolio is  still limited. The whole range of destinations and programs can be found on our German pages.

"VinTrade" connects the wine trade

VinTrade is a new business unit - since 2012 we assist wine regions, producers and the trade in promotional efforts, public and trade events, or simply connect businesses.

VinBlog is our wine blog for our clients (in German only at this time), aiming mostly at the public but also providing news for the trade. Here we talk about wines tasted, regions visited and news from the world of wine.


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VinTour / VinTrade
Gut Schnellenberg, D-21339 Lüneburg
Tel. +49 4131 - 220 98 60    Fax +49 4131 - 220 98 61
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

VinTour – passion and know-how for your great wine experience !