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Germany - much more than Riesling...

Certainly the wine image of Germany is mainly connected to one grape - Riesling! And this is no wonder! Our home country grows more Riesling than the rest of the world together, and the famous wines of Rheingau and Mosel have set the benchmarks for wines from the queen of white grapes. And of course we know where to go for the great classics and thrilling new wineries in Rheingau and Mosel valleys, and beyond.

And there are so many more stories to tell and great regions to discover!  Discover the magificent Pinot Noirs from the Ahr Valley as north as near Cologne. Or sunny Baden, which makes a great combination with Alsace and even Switzerland... 

For the adventurers we do culinary tours in the North between Hamburg and Denmark, or musik % wine festival tours in the eastern parts. Contact us, we promise to make your wine tour a great experience!

VDP - The Ballroom Party of Great Wines

The annual Top-Event of German celebreate 20 years at the  Wiesbaden Kurhaus, and it is a real highlight.  Enjoy the finest entertainment, culture and culinary pleasures! We even offer a combination package with a week-end - or longer - in the famous Rheingau vineyards!


Event -  8th May 2021