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About VinTour

Wine tourism is certainly not new, and there is an increasing number of tour offers by all kinds of tour operators, travel agents and even wine merchants.

So why VinTour?

Despite all the trendiness of wine tourism, it is still a niche, and requires a lot of skills and experiences. VinTour is a true specialist, and not just a department of a large tour company. We are small, but 100% dedicated to culinary tourism with focus on wine and spirits. We are trained and certified by the WSET in Germany, and yet a professional tour operator with all necessary licences and insurances, with a tourism experience of more than 25 years.

VinTour is well conected with vintner asscotiations, wineries and wine marketing, but completely independent.

Know-how and quality in wine tourism is very important to us. Our wineries are chosen by quality of the wines, by the welcome and the experience they offer; we try to avoid the "touristy" wineries, we chose small hotels of regional character where ever possible, usually keep our groups small at 8-15 people, and always look for unique ingredients to our tours. Groups are guided by our own team including partner sommeliers specialised in the destinations.